Doors to Magically Orgasmic Close in

To the woman whose relationship status reads: “In a relationship” but perpetually feels too tired & stressed to have sex, or that she’s “used up” her quota of orgasms

What if you could have

magical & mind-blowing sex

on the regular?

  • Without treating it like an obligation

  • Without trying so damn hard to "feel like it"

  • Without relying on your partner to make you "feel sexy"

  • Without having to go on vacation to finally enjoy some between-the-sheets action

  • Without feeling the pressure to turn into a nymphomaniac, a Playboy model, or compete with 25-year-olds on the 'Gram...or make your partner's pleasure needs your #1 focus (psst...YOUR NEEDS should be your #1 focus)

Hey there! I'm Dr. Jessica Cline, Certified

Sexologist, Sex Coach & Relationship Expert

As Seen On

I'm on a mission to help as many people have healthy relationships (with themselves and others) and have a fulfilling sex life

After working with 100's of women, I've noticed a common theme emerge when they talk about their sex lives. It's 9 out of 10 times spoken in past this

"Early on when we started dating, our sex life

was the kind you'd see in the movies...full of

passion. Spontaneity. Fireworks."

The Kind Where ONE look

from the woman would stir

in primal desire in her man to

playfully chase her and make intense love.

Multiple times a day. No scheduling required.

The Kind Where

both partners

felt physical and emotional

sparks, attracted to each

other, and so much in love.

The Kind Where

they secretly counted

their blessing when they'd hear others couples trapped in "sexless marriages" or friends who complained of "long spells of zero sex" or make comments like "the passions out the window."

And then, passion would indeed fly out the window...

The woman would rarely get “in the mood.” (a.k.a. feign headaches)

Stress would cast a shadow on their sex life (the usual suspects: work, kids, home).

Sex felt like an obligation. Like she had to get through it because she didn’t want to disappoint her partner.

It felt boring. Like having sex with a robot.

And overall, their relationship felt like a huge anti-climax.

No passion. No Zsa Zsa Zsu. No head to toe feeling of a mind-blowing orgasm, let alone multiple orgasms.

What used to be fun and magical in the bedroom…became meh and monotonous. (Even the Hogwarts Sorting Hat can’t assign magical sex back into your life.)

The result? Less sex. Or none at all.

If what you've read so far tickles your fanny fancy....

Then this is for you because…what follows could be more exciting than the time

you and your partner used the Kama Sutra to turn the heat up 🔥 and deepen your


But first...let me address the REAL REASON the sexual sparks

have flown out the window, left you wanting more, and feeling

sadder than the Sex And The City Reboot

Social media, Cosmo’s Guide to Hotter Sex, your BFFs, or *yikes* maybe your mom may have led you to believe that…

  • Therapy
  • La Perla lingerie
  • Supplements, libido creams, or hormone regulating medication
  • Date nights
  • Sexier body (read: shedding a few pounds)
  • The hottest sex positions that allow your to orgasm longer, harder, and more often
  • An island getaway

Would end your dry spell, and you’d transform into the sexual enchantress whose love life is never mundane.

Nothing wrong with splurging on lingerie or having weekly date nights, but to be completely honest, those “fixes” are temporary and superficial.

And before you know it…you’re lying in bed with the same thoughts running through your head:

  • "Why don't I get excited about having sex?"

  • "Why is it always me who needs to make the first move?"

  • "Am I over sex?"

  • "Is something wrong with me?"

  • "Why don't I enjoy it anymore?"

And finally, the heart-wrenching question that gives you the 3 AM

panty sweats

"Why can't I have sex where I feel a head-to-toe-curling kinda orgasmic experience?"

Here's why....

Your experience of sex - like your

experience of the rest of the world - starts

in your brain

  • Not the way you look naked (which is splendid no matter your shape or size. Humans have an x-ray vision and can vividly imagine other humans with their clothes off. Point being, they wouldn’t be in your bed if they didn't expect to like what they were going to see.)

  • Not the chocolate-covered strawberries (quite messy, if you ask me. Skip!)

  • Not the sexy lingerie (which is pointless if your mental soundtrack is dissing your body image on a loop)

  • Not worrying about your partner’s pleasure at the risk of neglecting your own (if you find you are uncomfortable with a session where you have an orgasm and your partner doesn't—but you feel fine when it's the other way around—then you've got some work to do)

  • Not holding onto the erroneous belief that good sex should just "happen" if the connection is right (thank you, Hollywood, for propagating that La La Lame idea in our heads courtesy of rom coms over the last 50 years)

  • Not thinking of sex as a chore or worse, an obligation - something that you’re expected to do and if you’re not “feeling like it” your partner will be upset or not love you (society teaches women especially that their job is to have sex with men to keep them happy—so there can be a lot of anxiety around saying no)

When you rewire your thoughts about sex, you stimulate emotional desire for it.


Rewire your brain ⇒ Reignite your sex life

And after working with several women and helping them create the sizzle in their sex lives, I’ve made an interesting discovery…

(please don’t ask for an official study. This is strictly empirical.)

*** Women who rewire their invisible sexual scripts have a heightened desire for intimacy which leads to regular, passionate, and satisfying sex ***

So the REAL question is....have you

rewired your sexual scripts?

Chances are you don’t know you’re even operating off a script (invisible scripts are pernicious and deeply programmed in our psyche and body).


Chances are you know you have “limiting beliefs” or “performance anxiety” holding you back, but you have no idea what you need to do to shatter them.


Chances are you’ve probably tried affirmations, visualizations, or a positive thought practice - but they didn’t “stick.”



Shift #1: Rewire your subconscious scripts

Subconscious influences on your experience in the bedroom (or the kitchen, or the great outdoors—to each their own!) might hold your mind hostage to have carefree, passionate, “movie-star” sex.

Affirmations, visualizations, and positive thinking do not penetrate at the root level, automagically transform your thoughts, and free you up to create the desire and experiences you so badly want to have…

You gotta dig deep where traditional “mindset work” fails…

Erotic hypnosis is a tool to enhance your sex life (as much as it to help someone recall a memory or help them overcome a trauma).

So, if you have trouble connecting with your partner during sex, reaching orgasm—or allowing yourself to reach orgasm during sex, or staying in the moment—erotic hypnosis could actually help you.

PSA: Erotic hypnosis can’t make you do anything you don’t want to do. Unlike predatory manipulation - it considers your goals (do you want to intensify your orgasm or enhance connection during lovemaking), boundaries, and safe words.

Point being, you’re in total control. Not some swinging pendulum.

Shift #2: Rewire your conscious scripts

Not with positive affirmations, but with this👇

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

If you thought EFT was best used to heal conditions other than “sexual well being” - you’ll be surprised.

People often use EFT tapping when they are feeling anxious or stressed or when they have a specific issue that they would like to resolve. However, it may also be beneficial for a person before an event (like sex) that they expect to cause stress or anxiety. Tapping can help you release your limitations and help you have an open body and heart.

And while hypnosis works on your subconscious, EFT aims to work on your conscious brain - so that you can stay fully present and in the sweaty, passionate moment.

Shift # 3: Rewire your body scripts

Yes, your sexual experience starts in the brain. But the body isn’t far behind, because ultimately, it’s the body that’s a prime participant in the sexual activity.

And, no, I’m not talking about a couple’s massage to *ahem* set the tone followed by hours of passionate lovemaking (not that you shouldn’t schedule it).

Your body can also hold on to memories of trauma that interfere with your desire for sex.

Your muscles tense, your heart rate skyrockets, and you just want to hide.

By using a body-focused therapy like Somatics gets you to pinpoint blocks (triggered by memories) that come up when you have sex. Once you tune into those sensations, you can begin to find their source, and you release any pent-up trauma that has become “trapped” in your body.

As a result, you’ll experience a deepened emotional and sexual connection with your partner.

Shift # 4: Rewire Your Pleasure Setting

As a pleasure activist (not my real job title, but someone called me that the other day and I’m going with it), I inspire people to find pleasure in their lives - both in the bedroom and in everyday life.

Human bodies are designed to feel and indulge in the ecstasies of pleasure.

So, if you’re not living a life that excites you, that you love with deep connection, and embrace sensuality into even your most mundane moments - you’re slowly dying, my friend, staying status quo, and definitely not getting some hot action between the sheets.

Side note: a woman who makes pleasure a priority in her life, stops looking to her partner for “making her feel sexy” - because she realizes that she simply is.

Magically Orgasmic

In this life shifting, bedroom shaking, magical and wild online course, you will learn how to:

Reignite The Sexual Magic In The Bedroom - Even if you’ve been in the same relationship for dinosaur years, tried every “sexual trick,” or feel your libido’s taken a one-way trip to No Man’s Land.

  • Tap into your orgasmic abilities (possibly multiorgasmic…yaaaas) even if you’ve never had an orgasm before
  • Awaken pleasure and desire, suddenly you will be looking forward to sex instead of avoiding it (take it off the chore list)
  • Increase bedroom and body confidence so you can fully enjoy sexual pleasure by yourself or with a partner
  • Liberate your sexual mind and kick anxiety to the curb by replacing old conditioned beliefs with sexy passionate pathways
  • Make your sexual pleasure needs as important (if not more) as your partner’s - without the guilt and the fear of rejection

PSA: This course is not recommended for those who have unresolved sexual trauma , such as rape, or sexual abuse of any kind. If this is you, you’re best advised to work with a professional therapist.

After spending 10 years working with patients, I’ve taken everything I know about sex and human psychology, to create Magically Orgasmic…

These techniques are doable, “Doctor-Speak” free, and empower women to reconnect with their sexual needs and desires

Here’s How It All Goes Down

Module 1: Propel Your Pleasure Practice

Your path to a Magically Orgasmic life begins with a dedicated pleasure practice because when you say “yes” to receiving and acting from a place of pleasure - you live from your full sexual expression. As you were meant to be.


  • You’ll create space for daily pleasure so you feel happier, productive, and, yes, more sexually alive
  • You’ll create a pleasure practice that works for you (even if you have limited time in the day)
  • You’ll identify, nurture, and act upon your innate desires so that you can improve your overall vibe and soak in the joy that is available to you (even on a random Tuesday)

module one

Module 2: The Orgasm Intensifier

Let's get real: Any orgasm is a good orgasm. However…if orgasms are different for you now than they used to or harder to come by, then this module is for you. Walk away with a treasure trove of mind-numbingly amazing orgasms and how to get there - with or without a partner.


  • Discover how to use all of your body to experience sensual orgasmic pleasure
  • Learn the keys to experience full body-orgasms
  • Learn the differences between clitoral orgasms and deeper, vaginal orgasms

module two

Module 3: Party With Your Inner Sexual Enchantress

Wanna mute your inner mean girl who tells you “you just can’t/you’re not worthy/you can NEVER do that?”

Break up with her and from the deep clutches of societal taboos around your sensuality, so you can reclaim your innate wiring towards pleasure, get unstuck, and begin to voice your desires - loud and proud, free from (inner) judgment.


  • Perform the Deepest Fear Inventory practice to get at your underlying beliefs about sex
  • Learn how to experience sensuality without judgment
  • Throw out religious shame (and embrace your sexual self and needs without guilt and judgement)
  • Mindfulness exercises that help you get out of your negative brain and into your body
  • Sexual enchantress activation exercise

module three

Module 4: Erotica Hypnosis For “Movie-Star” Sex

I’ll show you how to use hypnosis so you can elicit a particular sexual goal, whether it's a hands-free orgasm or just a pleasurable and relaxing state of mind.

Cue the Hypnosis exercises to get you turned on:

  • Orgasmic Hypnosis
  • Relaxation Hypnosis
  • Hypnotize your lover

module four

Module 5: The Erotic Pleasure Elevator

You’ll tap (EFT) into spectacular sex and release stored tension, trauma, and pain.


  • Clear out feelings in the body from the past and connect with your body
  • Learn a tapping protocol with me to do at anytime (and any place)
  • Tap with me to release old version of yourself and release your own power and pleasure

module five

Module 6: Sensual Body Glow Up

Your body is a source of pleasure for both yourself and your partner.

It’s time to love, honor, and own your body from head to toe (thank you, Lisa Lisa) - NOW. Not when you lose the love handles, or get ripped, or have washboard abs. Skeptical?

I’ll show you how.


  • Build sensual confidence to love your body and abandon shame
  • Mirror work
  • Mindfulness exercise to turn your brain off so you can enjoy pleasure and sex
  • Secrets to releasing judgment

module six

Module 7: Live A Turned On Life

Living a turned on life is bringing together everything you've learned in this course to channel your sensual creative energy into everyday life.

You are connected to your body and see life through a lense of pleasure instead of the mundane.

Cultivate foreplay all day

Live a life aligned with pleasure and expanding our sexual potential makes us smarter, happier, and more productive people (yep neuroscience confirms this).

module seven

And because I want to leave no stone

orgasm unturned to help you reclaim your

sexual power, I have two extra special

gifts for you

bonus one

Gift 1: Sexual Script Assessment

We all operate with a relationship and desire template that is set in our childhood and solidified by society and our lived experience. Those scripts end up shaping the beliefs we have about sex subconsiously.

bonus TWO

Gift 2: Sensual Sanctuary Feng Shui Masterclass-

Turn your bedroom back into a sanctuary

Learn to reclaim your bedroom as a sanctuary.

Clear energetic blocks that zapping your sensual energy.

Set your bedroom up to turn up the heat on your love life.

Magically Orgasmic promises to be by

your side. Or under you. Or on top.

It’s scary to imagine investing in a course to become orgasmic, isn’t it? Ugh, that good old conditioning (sexual blocks) makes it so easy to deprioritize being a confidently sexual woman.

If you are ready to lean into becoming Magically Orgasmic…I’m ready to meet you there.

I want to offer you the path to deep, multiple, and mind blowing orgasms (on the reg) and it's important to me to make it as easy as humanly possible for you to confidently scream say “Yessss!!!” to pleasure with a 30-day, risk-free money-back guarantee.

(This course is easy to use and as close to “Done-with-a-Therapist” as humanly possible.)

If you fully commit yourself to become Magically Orgasmic, 2 things will happen:

  • You WILL experience your best orgasm or a series of orgasms.

  • You WILL know how to make room for daily pleasure without guilt.

If you don’t feel me, the tools I share, the techniques I teach, or feel a plunging sense of an anti-climax, simply send me an email to and I’ll refund you to the last cent.

Here’s Everything You Get in Magically Orgasmic

Price: $297

Magically Orgasmic Is Perfect If You Want To Start Having Magical and Mind-blowing sex:

  • Without treating it like an obligation
  • Without trying so damn hard to “feel like it”
  • Without relying on your partner to make you “feel sexy”
  • Without having to go on a vacation to finally enjoy some between-the-sheets action
  • Without feeling the pressure to turn into a nymphomaniac, a Playboy model, or compete with 25-year-olds on the ‘Gram
  • Without having performance anxiety
  • Without focusing ONLY on your partner’s needs
  • Without trying hormonal medication, libido creams, losing weight, and sexy lingerie - you want something deeper, sustainable, and effective

With that said…I know you’ve got questions

Q.1 Who is this really for?

It’s for the woman (or anyone who self-identifies as a woman) in her mid-30s and beyond, who’s in a long-term relationship - irrespective of marital status. However, the newness of the relationship has worn off, she leads a high-stress lifestyle as a result of which sex is infrequent or boring. She often says I want to want it more.

Or worse, she has this sneaky feeling that she’s used up her quota of orgasms, or that she’s resigned to live a life of boring sex. She’s tried everything - libido creams, expensive lingerie, diet plans, and the latest sexual hacks to stir things up in her bedroom, but they don’t work.

She’s looking for a deeper, effective, and a long-lasting solution to her problem.

Q.2 Can I really do this without the help of a professional by my side?

​​You can absolutely do this without a professional by your side as you are born with the inherent ability to experience pleasure and this course will help you get back in touch with that. I will be guiding you through practices that I use for my patients just as if you were in my office.

Q.5 Will you offer any 1:1 support?

No - this course does not include one-on-one support or coaching.

Q.7 How soon can I see results?

Results can be experienced within the first week and they will keep compounding as you devote more time to living a turned on life.

When you choose to pour your whole self in – transformation is not only possible, it’s evitable.

Q.9 What is the refund policy?

If you fully commit yourself to become Magically Orgasmic, 2 things will happen:

You WILL experience your best orgasm or a series of orgasms.

You WILL know how to make room for daily pleasure without guilt.

However, if you don’t feel me, the tools I share, the techniques I teach, or feel a plunging sense of an anti-climax, simply send me an email to and I’ll refund you to the last cent.

Q.11 Do I need to be in a relationship?

No, you do not need to be in a relationship to benefit from this course.

If you are not in a relationship, you can work on becoming orgasmic for when you are in a relationship. (and how juicy will that be??)

Besides, I teach you how to have more pleasure, act from it, and receive pleasure - whether that’s sexual or not, and whether you’re in a relationship or not.

Q.13 What if I already know how to orgasm?

Awesome! I never get tired of hearing that.

This course isn’t solely focused on helping you to achieve orgasms. It is also to create space for daily pleasure so you feel happier, productive, and, yes, more sexually alive - hence, the path to intensify and multiply your already awesome orgasmic experiences.

And here’s what I know: when you live a pleasurable life, you flow with ease, radiate happiness, and improve the quality of your relationships. Since you are already experiencing orgasms we can build from that.

Q.3 Does Magically Orgasmic really work?

The content in this course is a culmination of my years of experience working as a sexologist. I’ve worked with athletes, celebrities, people from all walks of life and have discovered what works and what doesn’t.

As with any training, the results will depend on your level of participation and commitment throughout. When you choose to pour your whole self in – transformation is not only possible, it’s evitable.

Q.4 I'M LGBTQIA2S+ – Will this work for me?

Yes, all sexual orientations are welcome. The focus of this course is you and your experience of pleasure. That being said, this course is gendered and uses gendered language and reflects heterosexual language

Q.6 What is the time commitment? Am I expected to do this daily?

The first week starts with a pleasure schedule because what you create space for expands. Your pleasure schedule will be something you integrate into your life-so you can plan for as much or as little as you want. Ideally, you are integrating a practice into your daily life for 10-15 minutes.

Between the modules and the sexplay assignments the course will take you 2-4 hours per week. The more you put into it the more you will get out of it.

Q.8 How do I know I’m doing this right?

There is no “right” way to take back your sensuality. You can expect to experience a release of shame and welcome back pleasure-that’s how you know you are doing it right.

Q.10 I’ve read books about better sex and they didn’t help?

Books are great for information, but leave the gap of embodiment and can create even more frustration. This course goes deeper into that information with the purpose of empowering you to take action. I’ve laid out the concepts into simple steps, so you shift from absorbing information to taking juicy action.

Q.12 Does my partner have to be involved?

The beauty of this course is that the focus is on you and your pleasure. When the magic of being orgasmic radiates from you, then you can integrate that sexual fire into your relationship.

Another way of saying this is, no - your partner does not need to be involved for you to experience mind-numbingly awesome orgasms. Nor does your daily pleasure routine need to involve your partner’s presence or participation.

If my clitoris could talk, here’s what it

would say…

I think we need to call it quits on something, you and I.

It’s high-time we put an end to sexless relationships.

So let’s take sex off the chore list and let it be magical again (or for the first time).

There shall be no sex on the chore list that feels like a transaction - you know the kind 🥴 "uh oh it’s been a while I guess I better give in or my partner will be upset/crabby…the let’s just get it over with feeling."

No more, “it's been so long I don't even know how to do it anymore,” or feeling anxious about having to do it.

And absolutely no more “I can’t get my head into it to enjoy it, all I think about is all the stuff I want to do/have to do and why is everyone always touching me.”

Magically Orgasmic is unlike any course you’ve taken on pleasure, sex, and sensuality all rolled into one.

Because it doesn’t stop at changing your thoughts. It goes deeper. (pun intended)

I don’t say this lightly, my friend.

I’m committed to your sexual well-being because I firmly believe that pleasure is your birthright.

So many people wait for a vacation to have passionate delicious sex - you know the kind where you are finally relaxed, well rested, and don’t have to worry about work or someone barging into the bedroom.

But the best thing about Magically Orgasmic is - you don’t even need to change or fix your partner, let alone change your scenery. Imagine elevating your lovemaking and deepening your connection, right where you are, in the comfort of your home, without spending thousands of dollars.

Failed relationships have a huge cost (financially and emotionally).

Sex and money have consistently come up as the top reasons for divorce - let’s change that narrative so your relationship isn’t part of that statistic and also give you an amazing sex life too.

I’m here to hold your hand and walk you through what you need to know to have more pleasure in your life…

But only if you’re ready to commit, ready to have amazing, passionate sex, and an abundance of pleasure.

Should you choose to say “yes,” then I can’t wait to cheer you on your journey to becoming magically orgasmic!

XOXO Jessica

Here’s Everything You Get in Magically Orgasmic

Module 1: Propel Your Pleasure Practice

Module 2: The Orgasm Intensifier

Module 3: Party With Your Inner Sexual Enchantress

Module 4: Erotica Hypnosis For “Movie-Star” Sex

Module 5: The Erotic Pleasure Elevator

Module 6: Sensual Body Glow Up

Module 7: Live A Turned On Life

Gift # 1: Sexual Script Assessment

Gift # 2: Sensual Sanctuary Feng Shui Masterclass- Turn your bedroom back into a sanctuary

Total Value $2997

You get it for $297 - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions